Why Have a Pre-Listing Inspection?

A thorough inspection before the home is placed on the market:

  • Identifies repair issues ahead of time allowing early resolution of those items.
  • Eliminates last minute repairs that could delay closing.
  • Decreases the possibility of unknowns or those “little surprises” and sometimes “big ones” causing a sale to fall through or be delayed.
  • Gives the seller more control over the selling process.
  • Makes your home more marketable and attractive to buyers.
    With a pre-listing inspection, potential buyers will know you are a sincere and committed seller.
  • Eliminates issues that a “buyers” independent inspection will reveal.
  • Allows you to address problems head on and get them resolved ahead of time.
  • Allows you to retain more control over the selling price.
    Once negotiation has started, it is more difficult to resolve these issues without re-negotiating the price.
  • Allows the seller to minimize the number of surprises.

Many items identified during an inspection have simple solutions which most homeowners can resolve themselves. Identifying and correcting these items before the sale keeps the seller in the driver’s seat.

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