Home Inspection, Radon Testing, Termite and WDIC Inspection, Drone Roof Inspections & Infrared Imaging, and Mold Testing

Home Inspection

Why Choose InspectionPLUS?

Choose wisely! Not all inspection companies are the same; With Inspection PLUS, you can gain peace of mind about your investment.


We encourage the buyer to accompany us on our inspection. We will familiarize you with your new purchase while pointing out areas of concern. This way you will become more familiar with how your new home works than you could ever become on your own.

Exclusive Analysis Report

Our exclusive Home Inspection Analysis Report addresses over 300 items. In this easy to read, state of the art report, you’ll have 16-20 pages outlining the condition of the home from our thorough examination. View an example here.


You’ll receive an independent evaluation of the physical condition of the property (we do not participate in any referral or construction activities). We promise to provide you with a fair, accurate and unbiased opinion about the condition of the home.

Rapid Service

We are happy to work with you to expedite your inspection. In most cases, we can accommodate you within 24 hours. The inspection time usually varies, so allow two to three.

Dangerous levels of indoor radon have been found in every state in houses with or without basements – old and new. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends ALL homebuyers have a radon test performed prior to purchase. Accurate testing is the only way to determine if your family is at risk from radon exposure. You should test the home you are purchasing and always insist on a trained licensed radon technician. Our comprehensive radon measurement service produces a reliable test result you and your family can truly depend on. Inspection Plus can set this up for you.

Extermination and prevention services for all pests. Provides you with the high quality of service and results. Most home loans require WDIC inspections (wood destroying insect). Inspection Plus to can set this up for you

The sewer and drain lines are some of the most important components of your home’s plumbing system. Without pipes to carry wastewater away from your home, your property would be overrun with sewage and foul odors. Unfortunately, many homes, especially older homes, still run into plumbing problems like these.  You will be provided with still photos and/or video of the piping of your property.  Sewer cameras can travel 200′ into a pipe.  Inspection Plus can set this up for you.

Drone Roof Inspections can be incredibly convenient and beneficial for home buyers and commercial property investors who would like an in-depth assessment of a roofing system, especially one that may be difficult to access normally. Drones will be used to take close-up, high-resolution photographs of the roofing system from multiple angles so that we’re able to diagnose potential deficiencies that you’ll want to have repaired. You can get at angles and viewing positions that you cannot get while standing on a roof, such as a total view of the roof, directly above a chimney, or looking up from the edge of the roof. Not to mention that you can have documented every inch of the roof and see the photos right in your report. Inspection Plus can set this up for you

Infrared Imaging provides full infrared assessments of a home or commercial property. Infrared cameras thoroughly analyze the heat signatures of a building’s various components, carefully investigating any abnormal disparities in temperature. This can lead us to hidden issues such as moisture intrusion, bad electrical wiring, and defective insulating materials. Inspection Plus can set this up for you