Why Choose InspectionPLUS?

Choose wisely! Not all inspection companies are the same; With Inspection PLUS, you can gain peace of mind about your investment.

+ Buyer-Focused

We encourage the buyer to accompany us on our inspection. We will familiarize you with your new purchase while pointing out areas of concern. This way you will become more familiar with how your new home works than you could ever become on your own.

+ Exclusive Analysis Report

Our exclusive Home Inspection Analysis Report addresses over 300 items. In this easy to read, state of the art report, you’ll have 16-20 pages outlining the condition of the home from our thorough examination. View an example here.

+ Independent

You’ll receive an independent evaluation of the physical condition of the property (we do not participate in any referral or construction activities). We promise to provide you with a fair, accurate and unbiased opinion about the condition of the home.

+ Rapid Service

We are happy to work with you to expedite your inspection. In most cases, we can accomodate you within 24 hours. The inspection time usually varies, so allow two to three

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