What Our Customers Have to Say


Nick from Inspection Plus was fantastic. He was super friendly and you definitely could tell he knew what he was doing. An absolute professional. I won't be going anywhere else for inspection needs.

Will R

We could not be happier with the expertise, thoroughness and professionalism we relied during our inspection!

Melissa G

I really liked Don . He was very patient and very helpful. Hopefully he’ll be available for my next one, which hopefully will be in the up coming week.

Vicki J.

Nick Hayes was FANTASTIC!! He took the time to talk through anything he found (good and bad) and took the extra explain everything so that I knew what needed to be done to take care of my new home in the best possible way! He made me feel confident and secure in my purchase and knowing what was important or what was optional to fix if I wanted to. Very professional, on time, thorough and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend Inspection Plus (my 2nd time using them!) and highly recommend asking for Nick!! Thank you Nick!

Julie M

This is the second time that I have used Inspection Plus. Both Patrick and Justin went above and beyond in their inspection. They made it easy to understand and follow along. I would recommend Inspection Plus to anyone who is looking!

Katie H.

Pre-purchase home inspection. Thank you for such a thorough report. I feel like it saved me years of trouble in the future due to hidden structural problems. When we find a different home to make an offer on i will definitely use you for the inspection.

David P.

Justin did an outstanding job not only with the home inspection but also explaining the issues he identified in easy to understand terms. My wife was initially concerned after reading the report, but once Justin explained it, she said she wanted to hug him! I would highly recommend Justin and Inspection Plus!

Doug T.

Thanks, Patrick, so much for all of the information & documents. It has been a pleasure working with you. You were very professional & followed up with the report details much sooner than I expected. As a first time home buyer, I feel I can trust the details you provided to make an informed home buying decision.

Let your manager know that if I'm ever need of another inspection, I'll be sure to get it from you guys.

Nothing better than outstanding customer service !


We just had a new home inspected yesterday by Inspection Plus and I cannot recommend them enough if you are purchasing a new home. Nick was our inspector and he spent over 3 hours combing through the house and stopping regularly to give me updates on how it was going. He was incredibly polite, professional and patient. I had my 2 young boys with me and Nick was great with them even chatting with my 2 year old for a few minutes while he “helped” Nick inspect the fire place. It was a wonderful experience with the whole team.

In addition to Nick there were other team members who did our termite inspection, radon inspection and infrared thermal imaging. All around a great team to work with and aside from the radon report which will arrive after the 48 hour test is completed we received all of our inspection results the same day.

Ashley S.

My wife and I recently purchased our first home in June of 2018. The process was HECTIC! We had great people involved in all aspects of our purchase but the market was going nuts and there was a lot that we couldn't control. The one thing I didn't have to worry about however once we had a contract in place was the quality or condition of the home I was buying. John Cordell and his team at Inspection Plus are the best of the best in this industry. He even teaches other folks looking to break into the business how to become Inspectors!

Patrick Naughton came out and spent 3-4 hours combing over all the fine details of what is now our home. They had partners also complete Radon and Infrared inspections as well to ensure we had all the info we needed to make our decision. It was so comforting to talk over the very detailed report the provide to find out the significance of any issues discovered and get recommendations on prioritizing repairs immediately and down the line. If you are going to buy a home, first off don't do it without an inspection but most importantly if you want it done right Inspection Plus is the only call you need to make.

Thank you to Patrick, John, Joy and all of those involved that provided piece of mind in one of the biggest decisions we will have to make. I will absolutely use them again when the time comes.

Zach G

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your inspection service. Very professional and I will recommend to friends. Second, Do you have the name of a reasonably priced contractor that can evaluate the termite damage, the foundation and the peripheral sidewalk cracking..follows sewer line BTW. The load bearing support of the back porch too.

So that I can see if the repairs are in budget or if house is worth purchase.

Tracey S

Nick Hayes did a very thorough and impressive inspection on the home I’ve just purchased. I highly recommended Inspection Plus for their professionalism and high quality service, particularly if Nick is involved!

Clint C

Thank you again very much sir. I really appreciate you driving up here, how very thorough you are and also how you explained everything you found. Couldn’t imagine an inspection being any better in any way. Thanks

Kyle H

We used Inspection Plus on our recent home purchase and couldn’t have been happier with the service. Our inspector was Nick Hayes, and he was incredibly friendly, observant, and competent. Our report was thorough and detailed, and allowed us to make the best decision in our home purchase. I highly recommend this company! Ask for Nick!  

Maria N.

Thanks John for all that you did. You've made me a true fan of your company. A true example of the idea that it's not the problems that come up in business but how you resolve them that matters. I will continue to throw business your way!

Thanks again!!!


Thank you! Nick was outstanding. Not only did he do a throughout inspection, but took the time to explain every detail in terms that were understandable. I could have not asked for a better experience and would highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection done they can trust.

Brad F.

I just wanted to take a moment to express what a great job your employee Don did during my inspection yesterday on Shayler Rd. He was the most courteous, knowledgeable, approachable and friendly inspector I have ever had and his expertise was really top notch! The knowledge and detail he brought to the inspection literally saved me from purchasing a home that would have rivaled the one in the Tom Hanks movie, The Money Pit. While it always sucks to lose $400, I totally realize all of the money he and your company potentially saved me. I used Inspection Plus 8 years ago for the home I own now and will be using Don again if we find another property to bid on.

Randy S.

Thoroughly impressed with Justin Knox and his willingness to educate the client as he performed the inspection process.

Ginger S.

First time home buyer, and I was a little unsure of what to expect with the inspection. Nick Hayes was excellent! He talked through everything with me extensively, and even gave me tips on how to go about fixing some issues. He was very genuine and took the time to ensure I understood what he was doing, what he was looking for, and what potential issues I had.

I would definitely recommend him (and have already) to anyone buying a house and needing an inspection! Thanks Nick, for taking such great care of me!

Christine H

My wife and I used Inspection Plus, Bob Brand showed up early to make sure he could get on roof and check everything thoroughly. Inspection takes time but the more time the better then you know they are really looking around for any issues! Bob took time to explain everything and walk us through any issues he discovered. Being first time home owners it can be scary thinking of spending that money, but it’s so worth it to make sure your investment is protected. A big thanks again to Bob, I will be sure to use him again when/if we ever need another home inspected and will most definitely recommend him and the Inspection Plus company!

Robert A.

I recently used Inspection Plus. Bob did a good job and his report is very through. He explained all the findings in detail to me which is very helpful.

I would recommend him to my friends and family if they need an inspector.


I just wanted to share my experience and high satisfaction. A couple weeks ago I had an inspection done on the home I am purchasing by Nick Hayes. Nick was not only very thorough and professional, but he was kind and took the time to explain things in detail and even offer suggestions for my home. Nick was very friendly, sociable, and made the inspection process/experience more enjoyable than I had anticipated it to be. I just wanted to say thank you again, and I would highly recommend Nick & InspectionPlus!

Courtney L.

I used Nick from Inspection Plus for two of my inspections; One inspection revealed many costly but necessary repairs that resulted in me backing out of the deal. The amount of money spent on the whole house, termite, and Radon inspections was nothing compared to how much I would have spent had I gone through with the purchase of this home. As a first time homebuyer I really appreciated how thorough Nick was and the detail he put into his report. He took the time to answer questions along the way and made sure to not only provide a report, but go over it with me before leaving. I ended up using him AGAIN since he did such a great job on the first home. This inspection was just as detailed and helped me to decide to purchase our forever home.


For the record, of the 10-12 house Inspectors I have worked with over the years, Don Crum, my friend, is the very BEST by far.

I will definitely contact him in the future if I need an inspection.

Thanks, again!

Jack D.

Just wanted to put in a good word for Justin Knox. He did an inspection for us, all the way back in October 2017. Found a lot of stuff in a quick-flip house and saved us from a disaster. We actually went through a LONG process including four houses under contract before finding the home we now own. As it happened, Justin did this inspection as well and it was great to know we already trusted him from months earlier.

He did a great job and we are very happy in our new home.

Drew T.

Bob Brand is an excellent inspector!! Great knowledge, very personable and honest!! He walked us through our new home and gave us very detailed informative insights

Lauren A.

Lauren A.

Don was absolutely fantastic with his thoroughness while inspecting a home we had placed an offer on to buy. Will use this company and Don for any home inspections we would need again!

Cherise G.

I used the Inspection Plus team for an inspection of a rental property in Cincinnati. Nick was very professional and gave me a detailed report. He was also willing to go above an beyond and spend a lot of time with me reviewing the report so I understood everything that he noticed during the inspection. I cannot recommend this team enough and would definitely use them again!

Jacqueline M.

We have used Inspection Plus three times this year. They consistently have proven they know their stuff. Great attention to detail.

Kevin T.

John and his team are absolutely incredible! We used them for both pre-inspection of our old home

Jean R.

Great details, thank you for explaining the important features of inspection performed.

Michael W.

Justin was awesome to work with! Inspection Plus has done 2 of our inspections for us and they are always very detailed and super responsive!

Danielle B.

I couldn't be happier with the service provided by Inspection Plus. Patrick my inspector was thorough, knowledgeable and professional. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Patrick and inspection plus team you are the best

Clare G.